Egg Facts

Would like some interesting egg facts?

About yesterdays post? If you guessed Kylo, then you’re correct! 🥚🥚🥚

She was the first one to surprise us with an egg, and it was like no egg I’ve ever seen.

It was the tiniest egg, similar to a size of a ping pong ball, with little dimples over its shiny surface, and still warm to the touch, which made us all fall in love with it instantly.

Egg Facts

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that too much spinach in a chickens diet, may result in a very soft, rubbery and almost opaque looking egg?

I nearly had a heart attack, when I found one of these soft clear eggs in the coop, but luckily after a bit of googling, I was reassured that spinach drains calcium from chicken, and as a result the chicken does not have enough to produce a hard shell, and instead lays what appears to be just the membrane 🥴.

Interestingly enough, this also explains the patch of spinach that had disappeared from my veggie patch!

Naughty Chickens! 🐣

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