Sweet Summer Plums

Ahhhh picking the last of the sweet juicy summer plums in the garden. This is how I have been spending my time away from IG. Watching this kid, savouring the sweet rewards, of hardwork, patience and a lot of love ❤️. From strawberries, blueberries, raspberries to peaches, and a ton of tomatoes, we have had […]

Afternoon Tea with Homemade Sourdough Cinnamon Scrolls

How are you my dear friends? It’s been a while hasn’t it… So much so, what does one say when they have been absent for so long? How does one reconnect and continue the conversation? Over a hot pot of tea or coffee and some freshly baked sourdough cinnamon scrolls would be a good start […]


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Photographer | Sourdough Lover | Homestead Wannabe | Soul Searcher | Melbourne Mum

Hi, my name’s Dianne, I’m a mother of 3 children, 2 fur babies and 4 feathered ones. I love to grow, cook and photograph delicious, healthy and often cheat day worthy food for my family.

This part of my blog is where I share my thoughts, and reflect on my journey of self discovery through my passion for photography.