Glass Gem Corn

We are more than half way into March and this week looks like Autumn has truely settled in with the cooler weather, and there’s lots of rain predicted to come our way 🙌🏻.

I have been busy working in the garden getting my beds ready for winter planting.

Currently in my garden, the pumpkins have settled into their snug little spot, enjoying the fall season as they begin the hardening process. The tomatoes have all been removed and any bushes with lots of fruit still to ripe, I have removed and hung them in the garage to finish ripening.

And these, well, these are my glass gem corn which the seeds were a gift from @thebackyardgardenenthusiast.

Unlike sweet corn, these glass gem corn is a kind of flint corn, which is not grown for eating off the cob, but more for making popcorn, or grinding into flour.

Like the pumpkins, I have left the remainder of my flint glass gem corn to dry out on the stalks before harvesting them and ahhh something about seeing these tall rows of corn swaying in the wind and hearing their tassels and leaves rustling as they wave just makes being in the garden that much more relaxing 🧘🏼‍♀️.


One thing to note, if you plan on growing this type of corn, be sure to plant them away from your sweet corn variety, as cross pollination can accrue resulting in your sweet corn bearing unfavourable traits and in my case, turning all your sweet corn into coloured glass gems flints 😅.

But hey I’m not complaining, I personally just love the look of them, and what a lovely surprise it was to peel off the husk to find these glistening gem like kernels 😍😍😍.

Truely feels like I’ve found and grown my own treasures 💖.

Pop corn and coloured tortilla chips coming right up! 🙌🏻

Di x

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