The Practice of Patience With Sourdough Bread

Mondays are better with homemade sourdough bread. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is simply one of the most satisfying things one can do.

From pulling that beautiful loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven, hearing that crispy crust as you cut into the freshly baked loaf, to the soft, pillowy, chewy texture with every delectable bite. There is simply nothing like it.

I love it for the mindless therapeutic folding of the dough, the smell of something special in the air, and what I really find the most important, the practice of patience.

Bread Making Is Like Therapy To My Soul

Tending to my garden, and making sourdough bread has really made me appreciate the importance of patience and the rewards it brings. Especially during these uncertain times.

So I embrace the practice of patience, happy to wait hours and sometimes days, before I know my sourdough is ready for the next stage.

I leave behind the worry, what I can not fix or change, and immerse myself with the process, and be humbled with the simple pleasure of time spent baking bread brings.

For it is this practice that leaves me to always be ever so thankful to have the gift of time 🙏🏻.

So Are You Ready To Practice Patience?

If so, you can find my sourdough starter recipe here 👇🏻

and when you are ready to bake, my sourdough bread recipe here too 👇🏻

Happy baking, and don’t forget to have patience and enjoy the process.

It will reward you with more than just delicious bread.

Di x

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