Here’s a still life photography of an egg.

I choose to do a dark and moody capture.

Just like my feelings about the lockdown in Victoria 😭😭😭.

This is a egg from one of my silkie chickens.

I’ve never really paid much attention to them before.

It was always what’s in the inside that matters.

But since having my own hens, I seem to appreciate them more, and took the time to appreciate how each hens egg have their own individual distinguished markings.

Nuggie lays the biggest eggs, is shiny and darker in colour, with tiny brown speckles on the pointy end.

Josukè is small, light in colour, with a matte finish, and Kylo’s is slightly smaller, colour is somewhere in the middle, with lots of tiny dimples on its smooth surface.

Simply fascinating 🥚.

Now can you guess who laid this egg? 🤔😂

Have a egg-cellent day…🤣

Di xox

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