Sourdough Bread

Just a freshly baked sourdough bread with some beautiful light, and shadows.

Ahhh, I’m just loving everyones sourdough exploration during iso.

It’s so lovely to see so many people taking an interest in the beauty of baking bread from scratch, espescially sourdough bread.

You would think, being just flour and water, it would be very simple to make.

However making sourdough bread is not something you can just make with unfamiliar hands.

It definitely requires a lot of love and attention, and practice to get it right.

To know when the dough is ready to be shaped, simply by touch.

That lovely rise, the perfect golden crust, to that delicious sourdough taste with every chewy, soft pillowy bite.

Mmmm simply delicious, definitely worth the extra effort.

The Simple Pleasures In Life

After a hard days work, nothing more satisfying then tucking into a lovely loaf freshly baked with a hot bowl of soup.

But not before I take a picture of it with this gorgeous light of course.

If you are interested in making your own sourdough bread, you can find my recipe for no knead sourdough bread here 👇🏻

and if you need a sourdough starter, you can also find that here 👇🏻

I’m currently experimenting with a stretch technique, where instead of folding, you stretch the dough.

It requires longer resting time, but less folding, making it a lot simpler than the folding.

Will keep you posted with the result of the stretch bake 😉.

Have a great Tuesday folks, and keep on baking 😘.

Di xox

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