Slow Living With Quince

Just me, peeling some quince, quietly doing my thing, in my own little world.

With the kids due to finish term 2 of school tomorrow, I’m making the most of this quietness bliss, and get some recipes tested before, Winkyfarm HQ is taken over by screaming, yelling, tantrum throwing, followed by crying performances, and that’s just me 🤣🤣🤣😅.

These quinces are being poached with some pears, and I plan to make a quince paste with the fruit, and some yummy quince jelly with the liquid 😋.

Taking my time to peel these hard quince, they have turned brown slightly, making them look slightly unappetising.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t affect the flavour.

Adding some lemon juice to the water, can stop the browning, but I didn’t want the lemon juice to over power the flavour of the jelly I was going to make, so ugly brown it is, just how nature intended it.

So far I’ve made a delicious apple and quince crumble, quince and salted caramel ice cream, and currently fermenting some with organic apples, to make a sparkling quince and apple cider vinegar.

I’ll keep you posted to see how the vinegar goes 😉.

Oh and quince is full of natural pectin, so perfect for making jam and jelly 👌🏻.

Have you tried cooking with quince? What did you make? Do share please 🙏🏻.

Di xox

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