Lake Kawaguchiko Dreaming

This View 🗻 ❤️❤️❤️

This capture was taken last year at Lake Kawaguchiko, during our family holiday in Japan, and is the most memorable part of our trip.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect spot to take in the majestic beauty that is Mount Fuji 🗻.

We spent the last 3 days of our holiday here, in Lake Kawaguchiko, a small quaint little town where things are a lot more slower, and quieter compared to the more popular areas of japan. 

I found the more popular area like Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka to be too touristy and crowded, and being the introvert that I am, open space and fresh air is more where I feel at home.

Which is why I found Lake Kawaguchiko more my cup of match tea 🍵 .

Ahhh Serenity

The magnificent unobstructed view of Mount Fuji, is quiet the tourists attraction for the town, and Lake Kawaguchiko is nearby to some of the Mount Fuji hiking station. However as it is quite secluded and far from Tokyo, not many people make there way here.

We came during the Cherry Blossom season and during school holidays, which you’d think it would be super busy, but it was relatively okay.

Maybe because there are no towering buildings, no large motorways, just a vast openness that make you just want to take a step back and marvel at the view and the tranquilty of it all.

Quaint But So Much To Do

The View Of Mount Fuji At Lake Kawaguchiko

There’s plenty to do there and a local loop bus that stops at all the major attractions, which was really convenient.

If you’re really Gung Ho, and plan accordingly, you can even make this a before or after spot to hike or climb Mount Fuji.

I read the view is spectacular, especially during sunrise and sunset.

And with the low clouds floating, it feels as if your on top of the world, so well worth all the hard work.

I really wanted to do the hike, but this spot was kinda a last minute pick, because we decided to cancel Disney Tokyo.

Heard it was a no go zone during school holidays 😵😵😵, so we changed our plans to come here instead to finish our family holiday in Japan on a more quieter note.

And we definite made the right choice 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻!

We Got Sunshine Ever Day

Perfect Spot To Take In the Tranquility

To top it off, during our entire stay, we were lucky enough to get clear skies and sunny days, so Mount Fuji was in our view during our morning walks, out our hotel window and while we’re soaking our cares away in the onsen.

Ahhh, all this reminiscing has got me thinking I’m due for another family holiday.

Where’s your most memorable spot? 

I’d love to hear about it and maybe add it to my wish list!

Di x

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