Veggie Patch (Blog)

Ah the joys of spending time in my veggie patch.

I haven’t been writing and posting much lately.

It’s been a somber few days, just a lot of bad things happening around the world and closer to home.

So been spending time in the veggie patch, with my headphones on, to get away from reality.

Anyways, how are you on this gloomy Melbourne Wednesday?

At least we’re half way to the weekend 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 .

😂😂😂 Always thinking of the weekend .

Here’s a little bounty from my humble, organic, backyard veggie patch.

The broad beans, peas, beets, carrots and tomatoes are ready for picking. 

I’ve left some in the ground to go to seed, so I can replant them next season, and the flowers are putting on quite the display.

It fills me with such joy to harvest my own produce, to reap the rewards of what I have sown, even if they are only small.

Every produce is so different to the other, no fruit or vegetable is exactly the same, and all imperfectly perfect, just like Mother Nature intended.

Mother Natures Vitamins

These Beans Are Magic To Me 💚

I’ve already put some of these yummy goodies to work and I can’t wait to share them with you 😋.

Thoughts To Those Fighting The Bush Fires

The horrendous, hot, cold, windy and wet weather has caused havoc in my garden, with my orchids wilted and bruised, my stag horn, a little worse for wear, and all but only one plum is left, holding on for dear life after some pretty windy days.

But I can’t complain, the wet and cooler weather is much needed, as catastrofic bush fires have already started in Spring 😢.

Escaping Reality in the Veggie Patch

“All The Flowers Of All The Tomorrow, Are In The Seeds We Plant Today”

These are very scary times for those living out in rural areas, and my heart goes out to the families who have lost their homes and loved ones to these unforgiving fires, and the brave souls fighting them 🙏🏻.

Di x

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