2020 Choose Kindness

Hazy, a word I’m hearing regularly in our local weather forecast report.

Melbourne is often known for its four season in one day, but I sure pray that hazy will not be a part of the norm 🙏🏻.

Hello my dear friends, how have you been?

I hope the start of the new year has been kind ❤️.

Thank you for all your lovely DM’s to check in on me in the midst of the recent and still continuing, devastating bush fires in Australia.

For those who are concerned, I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, so my family and I are safe and well.

However, the lingering haze, and the smell of smoke in the air, is a painful reminder that the bush fire season is far from over, and is no longer a threat just to those living in rural country.

It Affects All Of Us.

I didn’t intend to be away for so long, but the devastating bush fire that have ravaged, and caused so much loss and destruction to this beautiful land I call home, has taken an emotional toll on me.

Seeing the personal stories on social media, hearing and reading the horrific destruction of land, habitats, homes, lives, livestock, and millions of wildlife perished by the fire and still counting, makes me feel a deep sense of loss, and I struggle not to just want to break down and cry.

It just didn’t feel right to be posting, liking, and commenting on feeds, as if “business as usual”, when I knew deep down I was heart broken.

Among The Sadness There Is Hope

“Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars” – Martin Luther King Jr

So many stories of loss, fear, helplessness and anger, but from the devastation there are also so many incredible stories of bravery, support, generosity and love flooding in from home and all around the world.

The unity, comradery and people’s willingness to band together and take action, whether it be in the front line fighting the fires, all forms of donations, little kids selling lemonade on their lawn to raise funds to the bush fire appeal, to a hug from a stranger to show that they understand and care.

Every little bit counts, and it just warms my heart and gives me hope that maybe in a society where we pretty much run our lives through our devices, we haven’t forgotten our way of connecting with our fellow human beings, including our feathered, fur, scale, and fin friends.

Choose Kindness

I’m no good when it comes to writing captions, and there are so many incredible, and beautiful messages already shared on social media, but if there’s one message I could share, it’s to choose kindness ❤️.

When the ash finally settles, and the enormity of it starts to sink in, there will be a lot of questions that need answers. They’ll be confusion, unrest, fear, and anger.

Whether you are for or against climate change, it’s not a topic that will go away, as more and more of these natural disaster becomes more frequent.

Let’s learn from this event, and choose to be kind to one another, to be respectful, and don’t let anger get the better of us.

Kindness have already done so much good, it doesn’t have to end, let’s keep it going.

Let’s not wait for a disaster to happen to spread some kindness.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Di x

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