Find Your Spark

Part 2: Spark

A while ago, I was talking to a friend over a lovely picnic in the park, (hooray for lifting of restrictions πŸ™ŒπŸ») In which my long absence from IG was brought up.

I thought about this question and in short, I lost my spark.

After that day, I sat down, pulled out my phone and began to scroll through my work, taking it all in, and confronted what I know was the problem all along.

I was no longer creating for me, being truely ME.


β€œThe grind needs to be uniformed, stick to the one subject/theme or topic and style.”

β€œPhotography needs to be amazing, post regularly, content needs to be engaging and relevant.”

β€œEngage often, be human, but not too personal, do stories, IGTV and now the Reel, and definitely don’t forget the #hashtag and the SEO!” 😞


I was so focused on the business side of things, I was no longer creating for me, being “creatively true” to me, but a prisoner to my fear of the “algorithm”.

A Spark Was Lit

And just like that, a spark was lit in me.

Because I finally realised I am the one in control, and whether someone ❀️ my post or not, doesn’t matter anymore so long as I am authentically and genuinely true to me.

I want to look back, and say I was honest with myself, no stone was unturned, all the good and all the bad.

And mostly, I want to inspire my children to always be kind, compassionate, strong and always to be true to themselves in life, because,

β€œHe who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” β€• Aristotle

And that there is so many just like them who will always have their back, just like how this wonderful creative community has their mums ❀️.

A New Beginning

So my post will be slightly different moving forward.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, woman, animal lover, gardener, baker, stylist, photographer, business owner and so much more.

And just like the many characteristics I have, my art and my interest does not sit just with one particular thing or theme.

So to end this post, I share with you a portrait of my daughter I did nearly two years ago for a product shoot for a client.

I ended up keeping this image for my own, because some things, money just can’t buy.

Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend πŸ™πŸ».

Di x

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