Afternoon Tea with Homemade Sourdough Cinnamon Scrolls

How are you my dear friends?

It’s been a while hasn’t it… So much so, what does one say when they have been absent for so long?

How does one reconnect and continue the conversation?

Over a hot pot of tea or coffee and some freshly baked sourdough cinnamon scrolls would be a good start I say ❤️. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whilst I cannot offer you the real sourdough cinnamon scrolls I hope that you know that I am always thankful and grateful for the conversations had here in this wonderful community, and how much it means to me that we can always simply pick up from where we left off.

Friends who are still here, Thank you 🙏🏻, and if you are new and just passing by, Welcome and Hello 👋🏻.

When things get better around the world, maybe we will have the opportunity to meet and catch up over a cuppa for real 🫖. I would so love that ❤️.

Take care and may you have a beautiful start to the week just as I have ❤️

Di x

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