The Bounty of Spring – Globe Artichoke

I seem to have gotten lost gardening again and have put posting on the “to do later” list 😅.

Ahhh Globe Artichoke, also known as the “French” or “green artichoke”, are at their peak during this time of the year, with their magnificent silvery grey foliage and large buds just screaming, “Eat Me”, could you blame me for getting lost spending my days with them.

The Bounty of Spring – Globe Artichoke

Spending My Time

From harvesting the artichokes, cleaning and preparing them for a light steam, followed by delicately removing the petals to find the soft heart.

To then marinading the prepared hearts with some chard eggplants, chive flowers, garlic, chilli flakes, and good quality EVO 👌🏻.

Ready to be served with warmed sourdough bread, and a garden fresh simple salad for a light supper.

All while enjoying a snack of tender artichoke petals dipped in lemon butter while I work.

Ahhhh lifes simply pleasure.

Nothing I Love Most Than Getting Lost In My Garden

But not before I snap a quick picture or two 😂😂😂.

And of course, I’ve left a few buds on the plant for it to bloom its spectacular purple flower crown, attracting my favourite visitors, the bee’s 🐝.

Hope you’re having a lovely day too my friends 💚.

Di x

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