My Grandmother, More Than Just A Number

This strong, beautiful and incredible woman is my grandmother 🖤🖤🖤.

She is truely one incredible woman in my eyes, and without a doubt, my interest in food, gardening, and the embedment of kindness comes from her.

She Was A Incredible Cook

Growing up, I remember the days where we’ll be all sitting in the back yard (my brothers and sisters) surrounding a pot or two, all having little jobs to help my grandmother with the days meal.

Whether, it would be washing and peeling vegetables, to throwing seasoning into a hot wok while my grandmother worked quickly, stirring, or mixing whatever it is she was cooking.

I remember always being in awe at the way the food was prepared, and was never disappointed, when it came time to eating.

The Gardener

My grandmother also had a little veggie patch of her own in the backyard.

She would grow all sorts of asian greens, herbs, garlic, and a variety of melons.

She also had a thing for foraging for wild herbs and greens, which she would often drag us to go on these long walks to carry all the harvest.

At the time, I remember hating it.

Picking weeds was such a boring, and weird task.

With the weeds collected, she would put us to work, making these green sweet mungbean filled mochi.

My sister and I would be holding down this huge silver mixing bowl, while my grandma hammered away, old school at the sticky, glutinous dough with a big stick.

I Have Ever Only Known Her As Kind

Photo Credit: Adrian Tuazon Photography

Maybe it’s the loving granddaughter in me, but my grandmother always loved us soooo much, in that special way only a grandmother can do ❤️.

In her younger days, my grandmother was once a nurse.

She use to help deliver babies in her home town, and helped care for the people in the community before having her own children.

My grandmother once told me, during her nursing days, there was a young man in her town, who had a medical condition.

I don’t know how to translate, but it involved his face and body being covered in blisters, and spots of some sort.

The young man was much excluded from the community, treated as a freak, and was pretty much left to fend for himself.

But my grandmother took him in, cared for him, and nursed him back to health.

He grew up to become a happy, healthy and successful man, who with tears in his eyes, thanked my grandmother, and wanted her to live with him in Hong Kong, so he can take care of her.

But she declined because her place is with her own family.

Having already 3 children of her own, poor as anything, and against what everyone said, my grandmother also took in a baby boy whose own mother, because of mental illness, abandoned him.

I have only ever known him as my dads brother, my uncle.

Unbeknown to her, these are just some of the stories and experiences that inspires me everyday.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Because my grandmother is currently quarantined in a nursing home, and she has been for the past few months.

Classed as a high risk, she is most vulnerable to contract and die from the virus.

Everyday the restrictions are in place, means another day she has to spend alone, confused, and without any loved ones to visit.

Her name is A Kiu, this is her face, she has a story, and she is loved.

Behind all the confirmed numbers you read or hear, is a person, a life, a story.

That every number represents a family separated, a family living in anxiety, a family grieving.

I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

I think the consensus is pretty clear #stayhome.

I am writing this post to thank those who are doing the right thing and abiding to the restrictions.

That your simple contribution is valued, and that your selfless act keeps people like my grandmother and others safe.

I feel your fatigue, frustration, and emotional exhaustion.

Know that your simple action means, many more won’t have to die alone in quarantine 🙏🏻.

Whilst I can’t hug or hold her hands, this ring, which belonged to her, with FaceTime, will have to do, to keep me connected to my grandmother while we’re apart ❤️.

I don’t know how to explain to you, that you need to care for other people

— Dr Anthony Fauci

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance, and be kind to yourself, and each other ❤️.

Di xox 🙏🏻

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