Collecting More Than Dust

A part of my prop collection that’s been collecting dust…

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve last posted 😬.

I was only intending to take a week off, to focus on some commissioned work whilst home schooling, but the days just kept getting busier, and busier.

Recent events of continuous racism, inequality, unrest, and uncertainty around the world, has also left a heaviness of heart to write.

So instead of writing what I don’t fully understand, and can’t articulate. I continued my time out, to listen, to learn, to question, to feel, to grow, to be inspired, and to heal. 

Thinking about it, time spent still, we are collecting more than dust.

Looking at these pieces, I seem to have a more appreciation for the stories they can tell, for the emotions they can evoke, the beauty and joy they can bring to the world, even if it’s small.

My creativity have heightened, I see my work in a deeper light, and I am ready to share them with you again.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding while I navigate my way through this rabbit hole that is 2020.

Di 🙏🏻

“I have decided to stick with LOVE. Hate is too great a burden to bear” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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