Alaska, Home Away From Home

I had the choice to spend the day indoors and bake cookies whilst dreaming of Alaska, or spend the day outside tidying the garden.

With the weather turning out so gorgeous, I chose gardening, as tempting as eating cookies was 🤤🤤🤤.

Now, I’m absolutely sore everywhere after shoveling 2 cubic meters of rocks to make way for more garden beds.

(My husband reckons not even one cubic metres 🤔😅😵)

And I’m also a little sunburnt. 

Now, by no means is my work in the garden near over 😵.

But the weathers looking pretty grim over the weekend and my kids have finally got no sports activity 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.

So I’m going to savour the free day, stay in bed with a good book, a hot cuppa, and dream of the time the Winkyfarm went on a family holiday to Alaska.


True to my ME time, I’ve been going through some old photos in bed, and found some real gems that made me 🥰🥰🥰.

Seward Alaska

This place have got to be one of my favourite places I’ve visited.


As you approach Alaska, you are greeted with the unmissable snowy white peaks from up above to the moment your feet touches the ground.

The majestic snowy capped mountains surrounds you, and the crisp, fresh air fills your lungs with a new lease of life. 

The View On Alyeska Mountain

Otter, sea lions, puffins and even whales 🐋.

Just look at this little cutie

Wild life surrounds you whether it be a squirrel, moose, hopefully not a bear…(we actually saw one 😱 ).

On day one we nearly pooped our pants coming face to face with a moose and it’s calf running in the streets 😵.

Nature engulfs you with enchanting walks amongst the pine or silverbirch forest, picking berries and wild flowers along the way, leaving me longing for the simpler things.

Just Nature In Downtown

Go a little further and you are greeted with icy blue glacier, with snow so fresh and clean, you just have to eat it…😅

There is never a dull moment here in Alaska, with so much to do and see in this vast state.

Holgate Glacier

I Call This Place Home

I call this place my home away from home.


Not only is it just a dream, but because my BFF and her beautiful family lives here, and so there’s always a warm bed, delicious food, great conversation, and hugs to be had, just like home ❤️❤️❤️.

Oh how I dream to come back here one day.

Reminiscing about this place brings back so many warm memories.

Travelling By RV Is A Must

Would you like to hear more about our family holiday in Alaska?

Where we hired an RV and drove up south, toured the Denali National Park, took a day cruise in Seward to see the whales, hiked around the blue glacier, canoed Amongst the whale, and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of downtown Anchorage?

Let me know in the comments below 😘.

Di x

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